Powerful Presentation Capabilities to Drive Sales

Create stunning AR experiences directly from your
CET project to present on any device.

How it works

Render in
CET Designer

Create your project in CET Designer and select elements to send to AR with the KiSP Extension for CET Designer.

Open with a
Project Link

Almost instantly, you will be emailed a secure link to view your project transformed into an AR experience.

Integrate with The KITS collaborator

The industry's best design tool now works with the industry's best sales tool! Send projects to your KITS Windows license.

View on Your
Mobile Device

Send it to your client, or present it on your mobile device.
No app required.

Live Design

Using your CET project with KITS Windows edition, sales can work with clients in person or remotely to refine the design by changing colors, finishes and small refinements to make it exactly right.

Powerful AR Experiences

Start your path to AR adoption with the tools you already know. Use the extension to create fast, simple AR that really lets your clients try before they buy.

Stunning Sales Presentations

Turn CET projects into engaging presentations. Desingers and Manufacturers can export CET files to the leading mobile sales tool to create stunning client deliverables to show remotely or in person.

Present and Share​

Using your Yulio Account, you’ll receive a URL link to your AR object which you can share with a client, or present live for dynamic sales presentations.

Ready to
Get Started?

Head over to the Configura Marketplace to download the KiSP extension today. 
Or visit our Knowledge Center to access our full library of help articles. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The KiSP Extension for CET Designer is free to install from the CET Marketplace. If you are using the new CET KISP Extension for CET Designer to export to AR – the user of the extension will need to have a Yulio licence. Either the designer has their own Yulio license, or a salesperson grants the CET designer access to their Yulio account. This is idea if the salesperson shares their Yulio account with the CET Designer. This way the project will be deposited into the salesperson Yulio account as a project

You can select items to export to AR from your CET project once it is exported with the extension. Use your Yulio account to present in ARAR for contract furniture easily answers questions about size and fit, about how something will look in physical space.

There is no app needed to view an AR experience, just a smartphone or tablet. From the extension, you’ll receive an email that contains a link to view your project in AR, which you can use with any mobile browser-enabled device.

To view and interact with an AR Experience, you need a smartphone or tablet. You need your smartphone or tablet to scan the QR code. On most smartphones, you can simply open your camera app and point it at the QR code to scan.

For more information or support, contact us directly.