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"The KITS collaborator has been pivotal in helping me close sales and stand out from other industry professionals. For starters, my close rate on small office projects when I use the KITS collaborator is 90%. A key reason for this is because I am able to show my customers a color render of their space in real time which is incredibly powerful as they appreciate the visual experience that KITS provides.

Before KITS, it would be a long process of meetings and revisions with the client. However, with KITS I am often able to close sales in just a single visit. KITS allows you to save time as you are able to access manufacturer catalogs, create layouts, and change finishes all in front of your client.

I was in a competitive bid for a breakroom for a local High School. There were four vendors invited to participate and I was the only vendor to reply with a color render drawing of my proposal and had done so many days ahead of the next replying competitor. They ended up choosing us because we were seen as the most creative and responsive. That could not have been possible without KITS.

If you would like to shorten your sales cycle, gain a competitive advantage, and impress your clients, I highly recommend that you look into The KITS collaborator.

Tyler H.
Business Development Manager @ 
FM Office Express
Rochester, NY

Renderings created by our Featured Collaborator.

"KITS has been amazing in closing my sales. Customers love that I can provide them with a quick drawing at the end of our meeting so they can visualize what they will be getting.

- Sylvia (Boston, MA)

"I used KITS to detail out a small reconfiguration for a client when they asked for two stations to be moved from one run to another, due to the size of their teams being realigned in a certain department. It helped the customer to understand better, and even clarified it for our team in regard to the allocation of time and components needed. Thank you KiSP - I’m a KITS lover.

- Laura (Houston, TX)

"KITS has been a fantastic resource for me in the Boston and New England market.  I use it all the time to help drive sales by providing quick renderings and specifications to design firms and our dealers.  It’s the perfect resource for a busy and on the road sales rep.

- Andy (Boston, MA)

Impress with environments.


"I had a small opportunity for some seating in an office building lobby here in Pittsburgh. Met with the client and discussed their needs. Using KITS, I walked out to the lobby with the client, opened KITS and inserted some Global product. Using the environments, I took a picture of the lobby and inserted the product, in the correct finishes, on the fly. The clients were completely impressed. Had the deal closed and product order 2 days later. All because of KITS!   - Michael (Pittsburgh, PA)









* Rendering created by Michael (KITS Mobile user)


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