Manufacturer Partner Program

Manufacturer Partner Program

The KITS collaborator™ Manufacturer Partner Program (MPP) is exclusively available to our office furniture manufacturer customers and is designed to provide a set of enhanced capabilities not found in our normal dealer per-seat licensing model.

Product Galleries

Show your products to full advantage. Our Content Creation Team will work with you to develop product galleries that showcase your product line and make it highly usable by mobile sales professionals in their pitches. This set of pre-configured typicals can be accessed by all of your dealers with a KITS license, providing them with conversation starters to push the sale forward with your products.

We’ll help ensure your message stays front of mind with flexible options clearly communicated value of your products.


Hit the ground running. To get your team up started, we provide personalized one-on-one or group training sessions. Schedule in-person training or remote online meetings to be trained on The KITS collaborator. We also offer refresher courses and training on new released features.

This training is an additional resource to the weekly webinar sessions and monthly free training courses our team runs for the entire KITS community.

Marketing and Analytics

Analyze your performance. Access usage information and important analytics through monthly updated reports. Identify power users in your team, or those that could benefit from additional training. Most importantly, highlight which products are being specified or quoted the most, and which products are not.

New and advanced analytic resources coming Summer 2019.

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