Syncing Manufacturer Catalogs

With a KITS license you will have access to:

+ one primary aligned manufacturer (such as Steelcase, Herman Miller, or Allsteel etc.)
+ all other manufacturers we currently support

Requesting Access

As The KITS collaborator continues to grow, so does our list of available manufacturers. We send email notifications to update you when a new manufacturer has joined KITS, but you can always check our Available Catalogs list to see what is currently available. If there is a manufacturer available that is not currently listed in your KITS Mobile app, you can Request Access here.

Syncing and Removing Catalogs

To sync a manufacturer’s catalogs on your iPad or Windows 10 device, you will need a strong and stable WiFi connection to complete the process. Once you have established an internet connection, open the Catalog Subscriptions Screen and click/tap on a Manufacturer under the Publisher list.

Once the manufacturer is highlighted in grey, the catalogs associated under that name will appear on the right side of your screen. Click or tap the radio button beside the catalog you want to download, and it will turn blue with a whitecheck-mark. This indicates a catalog is selected. You can either continue selecting catalogs or you can stop and being the download process.

Once you select Sync Now, you are presented with 3 different sync options: Catalogs Only, Projects Only, or All Catalogs and Projects. This allows you to sync data depending on your priority and the time you have available to run a complete sync.

After you have selected your sync preference, click/tap Sync Now – this will begin the syncing process. If you do not confirm the sync by selecting Sync Now, catalogs and/or projects will NOT be downloaded to your device.

To remove a catalog that you have synced to your device, tap on the blue radio button and it will turn white. This means the catalog is deselected and once you tap Sync Catalogs Only > Sync Now, KITS will remove all contents of this catalog from your device.

Notifications and Updates

KITS will notify you when there are updates available in your Catalog Subscriptions or if a project has been shared with you by another KITS user. Tap the Notification Bell from the navigation bar and tap Sync Now. For seamless updates, connect to a stable Wi-Fi and allow a sync to finish completely before exiting the application.


Want to know more about syncing? Having technical troubles with the sync process? Check out our article: Here’s What You Need to Know About Syncing