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Join Franklin from our KITS team for weekly webinars! Learn how to enhance your sales message and presentation to win that next opportunity. 

Wednesdays @ 3:00pm EST / 12:00pm PST

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To help you get started, pick your power level to find the right electrifying webinar for you!

Activated (New User): New to KITS Mobile, still charging but ready to learn! 

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Supercharged (Power User): Wow! You're electric and ready to light up the KITScommunity sky! 

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A big Thank You! to our amazing KITS community. It's been a wonderful year of webinars and we will see you in 2019!


Watch it Again!  
Missed a webinar? Check out past recordings or re-watch a session to refresh your KITS skills.

The Basics 101: Getting Started with KITS Mobile 

Are you new to KITS Mobile? Join this webinar to learn the very basics to get you started on the path of becoming a Supercharged Power User! From syncing catalogs to creating a high definition rendering, we will take you along step by step.

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Searching For Items and Configuring Price

Find the perfect items for your project fast. We'll show you the best ways to navigate through catalogs with advanced filters. Need to bring your project to budget? Learn how to set the list price and sell price.

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Capture Your Client's Space With Environment Photos

Enhance any project with a dynamic environment! We will show you how to take your renderings to the next level by incorporating your client's current space into your proposed layout.

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