Open the Door to Supplementary Services Revenue

The SnapTracker Approach

One of the most intriguing aspects of the SnapTracker™ application is the creation and operation of a "service desk". The customer may outsource everything related to the day-to-day movement and maintenance of furniture and components, both on-site and in the warehouse. Let SnapTracker™ be the 'glue' that binds space planning, repair, refurbishment and resale to your customers, maximizing value and optimizing your service revenue potential!


End-to-end Tracking of Service Request

From the moment a request form is filled out and submitted, SnapTracker™ starts to track the request, all the way through review, pricing, approval, completion and report. The powerful Service Order module creates all the notifications and paperwork needed to quickly facilitate the process and set you apart in today's demanding environment.

Wide Varieties of Service Forms

Options to use the general request form, or the forms built for specific service types such as Move, Reconfigure, Space Planning, etc. Customized service forms are available upon request.

Gain Insights into Your Service Performance

A full set of comprehensive reports are available for you to effectively monitor performance and promptly respond to your clients' questions. You also have the option to write custom reports to meet your special needs.

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Feature Highlights

  • Client-specific Request Forms
  • Supports Enterprise-wide Requests
  • Supports Approval Process
  • Upload Drawings and Other Attachments
  • Integrates with New Purchase / Stock Products
  • Various Service Pricing Capabilities
  • Customize Billing and Shipping page
  • Create Service Tasks
  • Complete Service Order Module

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Reporting and Business Intelligence

Uncover the actionable business insights.

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