Emerging industries for 2018

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has always been one of the end goals for the gaming industry—another high-growth industry for 2018. In 2018, VR becomes more “reality” than “virtual,” with many new startups entering the game.

Other industries that are using Virtual Reality as a hands-down best tool for sales are the Office Furniture and Real Estate. Companies like Steelcase, are taking advantage of these new technologies and experimenting with new ways to use virtual reality.

KiSP is one of the first companies in the furniture industry to introduce Virtual Reality (VR) in their portfolio of services. We've received an overwhelming amount of positive responses from our customers who are closing sales faster and winning more bids with virtual reality.


Why should keep it on the radar?

VR gaming platforms like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are now becoming more mainstream, raising the demand for developers of VR games. With these devices in place, VR has expanded into the cultural consciousness, and Steven Spielberg’s new movie Ready Player One — in which VR features heavily — could be the tipping point the industry was waiting for.

Virtual reality has grown into a billion-dollar industry that has disrupted not only the gaming and entertainment industries, it's opening up new educational opportunities in fields such as military, space, flight, archeology, medical, engineering, architecture and the fine arts.


If you have any questions about how to get started or would like a VR project sent directly to your phone, you can contact our team at renderings@kisptech.com.




This isn’t the first article you’ve seen mentioning cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has been all over the news lately, attracting a lot of attention to the cryptocurrency industry in general.


Why should keep it on the radar?

Even though it's popularity this year, Bitcoin’s been around for years. What makes its so popular it is that a few months ago, August 1, 2017, Bitcoin forked to create Bitcoin Cash, allowing the original Bitcoin holders to “cash in.” This coincided with a change in its BIP 148, which in theory improves its reliability.

The immediate rise of cryptocurrencies is part of a general increase of interest in alternative banking options. The pull away from traditional banking is fuel by both technological advancements and the preferences of Millennials, who, according to a FICO report, “are more likely to consider non-traditional payment companies” because “they see value in the convenience, mobile support and ease of use.”



The travel industry is evolving day after day, so all-inclusive and boutique hotels are old-fashioned.


Why should keep it on the radar?

Because of the wild success of Airbnb, or advancements in air travel making it more affordable. Also, the recent popularity of travel bloggers and Instagram-ers helps; these lifestyle influencers make their living through alternative travel recommendations.

Whatever the reason, 2018 will no doubt continue the rise in hotel alternatives. Design elements focus more on travel experiences than traveling itself, and even Airbnb now features experience recommendations on its homepage.


Source: 99designs